Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To Ink or Not To Ink

There has always been a understanding in my family growing up that things such as tattoos where not accepted. My mother is very conservative and my father is a preacher so needlesss to say, not a lot of wiggle room on many subjects. In 2007, I became a mother myself and pondered the parenting styles that I would adopt from those I grew up with, those my husband grew up with and some of the more "modern" styles of parenting. I would like to think that I am very well rounded in parenting by talking to my daughter about things that were taboo in the years I grew up but being strict in the discipline department. At the age of 31, I felt I was ready to take a big leap into a permanant item of my life...a tattoo. I thought long and hard about what to get and where to put it and in the end decided to get my daughters name or nickname Izzy B on my wrist. It is actually just the letters IZZY and the picture of a bee. When I showed my family my new addition, there was no excitement over the tattoo, only concern. My daughter knew what I was getting and that it was for her and she was extremly excited which my family didn't understand or like. They said they hoped she didn't grow up thinking that was ok for her to do. My response is that if she is an adult and has real meaning behind something that she wants to put on her then I am ok with it. Wondering what others if you have comments on this subject.

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